Well, you know what they say - today's fun and games is tomorrow's apocalyptic horror (they say that, right?). And the organizers of the upcoming 2012 San Diego Comic-Con along with the producers of AMC's smash hit The Walking Dead are bringing this possible expression to life, in the form of a "zombie obstacle course" for guests to enjoy.

Basically, the obstacle course will give visitors a chance to experience a zombie attack in a safe and judgment-free setting. You pay $70 to be chased by zombies through an obstacle course. Sound steep? Well, maybe you'd prefer to play as a zombie instead, where the goal is to spread the "infection" as much as possible through physical contact. No biting.

It's not known what other obstacles will make up the obstacle course - it seems to me that any obstacle course that includes zombies doesn't have much to worry about on the obstacle front. I mean, isn't "zombie" pretty much the ultimate obstacle? Even without the biting?