People can only listen to Spielberg talk about The Adventures of Tintin for so long before they draw upon the 52,000 other questions that they have for America's most iconic director. However, the audience was able to get some pretty interesting info from him regarding the long-incubating and inevitable Jurassic Park 4.

Spielberg said that a writer has been commissioned and a script is underway, with a story in place. Going against the evasive nature of most directors when asked about such prestige projects, Spielberg also volunteered that JP4 will be hitting theaters in the next "2-3 years." Not to be a pessimist, but my money's on "3."

He didn't divulge any further details, nor his capacity in the production, but it's a hell of a lot more info than we had yesterday, so we'll take what we're given.

Oh, and in case there was any question, this little Q&A went down in Hall H of Comic-Con 2011, San Diego, California, USA, The World.