Ah, we can always count on Nicolas Cage to have really specific, definitive reasons for every movie he does and any character choice he makes. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is not a sequel, or a reboot. It’s just another Ghost Rider movie with the same star. That’s so Nic Cage!

Here are the highlights of what he said at the Comic-Con press conference for Spirit of Vengeance.

Ghost Rider could kill any other superhero:

“Because he has the penance stare and everyone’s done something wrong and he will just look at you over and over and Over and OVER. Like the internet.”

Ghost Rider vs. Drive Angry:

“Totally different. Drive Angry I was playing a living dead man. This is a living man who turns into a demon so it’s a totally different kind of energy. A living dead man has to be a little bit more dead, whereas a living man who turns into a ghost can still be very alive when he’s living.”

Nicolas Cage’s recent comic book purchases:

“I went back in time and looked at Batman Vs Predator. I just had to see who won that battle. It was kind of a tiebreaker but they usually are. I think Batman won. It was a bit of a stretch.”

The nightly grind of being a ghost rider:

“He’s really dealing with the fact that his head goes on fire, for years now. In the first movie he kept it at bay. He was more like an innocent goofball. In this movie there’s been a little fire tapdance on his head for a few years so I think it should change him a little bit.”

Nic’s big Ghost Rider movie:

“I was trying to find something really weird which would be like levitating in circles. We called it the compass together, to mess with how he would attack his enemies. I looked up in the dictionary, the word weird literally means to turn, to turn around.”

Nic Cage even makes throwing up cool:

“Going back to the compass, all the wirework was very stimulating but also very nauseating. I was going around in circles upside down and really trying not to throw up because it kept spinning and spinning. It’s one of my favorite things we all came up with together so I’m glad it’s there.”

Nic Cage's weird relationship with high school principals:

"When I did the first one, I wanted it to be like a Grimm’s fairy tale, scary but still something that children could enjoy like that first trip to the principal’s office where you made a mistake and you’re in trouble but don’t give up. You can still rise above and do something good with the experience. With Mark [Neveldine] and Brian [Taylor], this will go into the wonderful bliss of the nightmare imagination."