Like Snow White, there seem to be approximately 912 dozen Harry Houdini pics on the horizon, of varying levels of veracity and supernatural-ness. Somewhat surprisingly, the most biographical one, titled simply Houdini, seems to be the one getting the most traction, having already signed on a director in Francis Lawrence, and now in talks with screenwriter Scott Frank to pen the script.

The film would follow Houdini as he tries to reveal a spiritual woman as a fraud, only to get sucked in by her mystique, eventually falling for her charms and possibly getting conned. Frank has cut his teeth on Minority Report and Out of Sight earlier, so he's proven adept at adapting, if not creating original work. Again, the script hasn’t been written yet, but Frank’s previous work includes Marley & Me, so let’s not hold our breaths for a happy ending. (THR)