A movie about Paul Giammatti removing his soul from his body and then trying to find it in the underground world of soul trafficking?  That sounds indie-tastic!  The only way to make Cold Souls have more indie credibility would be to cast a pretty but decidedly non-mainstream actress in a part.  Enter Lauren Ambrose.  She started in the mainstream on TV and the film Can't Hardly Wait (arguably one of the best teen movies in the 90s, but is that saying much?), but decided to stick with weirder and more intriguing projects than the cookie cutter stuff in Hollywood.  She's well known for being the youngest of the Fisher family in the HBO series "6 Feet Under" and, of course, for her fiery red hair.  Listen for her voice in the upcoming Spike Jonze film Where The Wild Things Are.

A word from Lauren: " I came to L.A. to work and become a better actress, not to be a star."

I guess that explains why she didn't go the path of fellow redhead Lindsay Lohan.  Thank God for that.  Check out more hot photos of Lauren after the jump!