Remember that Coen Bros. musical project that they said they were working on a while back? Well, we now have a little bit more information on it, and it sounds a little ... folky. The movie is set in the 60s Greenwich Village folk scene, and loosely based on legendary coffeehouse patriarch Dave van Ronk, who passed away in 2002.

[post-video postid="6225"]Van Ronk came to be known as "the uncle" of this particular 60s folk scene - perhaps how one comes to be an "uncle" of a "scene" will be covered in the movie. Anyway, some big folk musicians came up under van Ronk, most famous among them none other than Bob Dylan. Van Ronk was also a political activist, getting arrested during the famous Stonewall Riots. This guy and his interesting (to say the least) life seem perfect for the Coen Bros. treatment. (24 Frames)