Coen Brothers Reteam With Jeff Bridges for “True Grit”

Friday, September 11 by
Awesome news out of Hollywood this morning. The Coen Brothers and their The Big Lebowski star, Jeff Bridges are reteaming to bring True Grit back to the screen. Bridges will be stepping into the role of Rooster Cogburn, originally played by John Wayne. Cogburn, a U.S. Marshall, will be tracking the killer of a 14-year old girl’s father because that kind of aggression won’t stand, man. Also rejoining the Coens is producer Scott Rudin, who previously worked with the siblings on No Country For Old Men. I can’t wait to see them create another moody western and am excited to see how the spectacular Bridges handles this role. I’m literally quaking as if I’m having anime-induced seizure. (First Showing)
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