Having already conquered the skies, the battlefield, the deep South, Las Vegas, and the bedroom of every woman he has ever desired, there is only one place left for George Clooney to go: Outer effing space. Ah crap, he's been there too in Solaris. Well whatever, he's conquering it again.

Clooney is set to appear alongside Sandra Bullock in Gravity, a film following the plight of two astronauts who find themselves stranded among the stars after an asteroid cripples their space station and kills their entire team in the process. Clooney, who will play the leader of the decimated astro-squad, snagged the role after Robert Downey Jr. dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Bullock’s character, a mother determined to get back to her children on earth, will reportedl drive much of the film’s plot.

Alfonso Cuaron will direct the Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures flick. Production is set to begin between April and May of next year, provided that an asteroid hasn’t collided with the planet and destroyed all life by that point. (Deadline)