Clive Owen is veering wildly off of his career path to join the cast of a violent thriller. I'm kidding. Everything Owen does seems to be a violent thriller. James Marsh, the Oscar-winning director of Man on a Wire, is getting back into the fiction game with an espionage film set in the world of the IRA. This all sounds like it's very much in Owen's wheelhouse so far. Let's keep digging.

Gillian Anderson, Andrea Riseborough, and Aiden Gillen have been cast, with Riseborough playing the female lead, though in what capacity that may be is unspecified. The movie is set to start shooting this May in Dublin. Yes, yes, very good. Owen's British, so that works out well for him in terms of a commute.

Given this source material, it's pretty clear that Owen will be able to play a morally ambiguous, rough-around-the-edges hero, so this role should fit him like a Snuggie just out of the dryer. (Vulture)