Those of you who prefer Sam Worthington to protrude unnaturally from the screen may be in luck. In the wake of Avatar's box office death-grip, Warner Bros executives are now considering converting the epic to 3D. Within the next 10 days, they will screen a few converted scenes and then make the call whether the full conversion is worth it.

A possible reason for the upgrade is that DreamWorks Animation’s big kid-friendly feature How to Train Your Dragon is also releasing over the March 26th weekend. If Titans wants a bid at number one, they'll need the higher-priced tickets. But between Dragon and Avatar (which will probably still be crushing all who oppose it) will there be enough 3D screens?

Like Warners, I'm not 100% on-board with the conversion. At first, it seems like a good idea to have Liam Neeson's Kraken swinging in your face. But, I don't know. It might just be too much Kraken. (THR)