‘Clash of the Titans’ in 3D Maybe

Thursday, January 21 by

Those of you who prefer Sam Worthington to protrude unnaturally from the screen may be in luck. In the wake of Avatar‘s box office death-grip, Warner Bros executives are now considering converting the epic to 3D. Within the next 10 days, they will screen a few converted scenes and then make the call whether the full conversion is worth it.

A possible reason for the upgrade is that DreamWorks Animation’s big kid-friendly feature How to Train Your Dragon is also releasing over the March 26th weekend. If Titans wants a bid at number one, they’ll need the higher-priced tickets. But between Dragon and Avatar (which will probably still be crushing all who oppose it) will there be enough 3D screens?

Like Warners, I’m not 100% on-board with the conversion. At first, it seems like a good idea to have Liam Neeson’s Kraken swinging in your face. But, I don’t know. It might just be too much Kraken. (THR)


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