‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘Harry Potter’, Everything in 3D!

Tuesday, January 26 by

It’s a regular ‘ol third dimensional bonanza, and Warner Bros. is hot to trot!  3D conversion tests on Clash of the Titans have made studio execs go pee-pee in their pants, so not only are they going forth with a conversion of the entire film, but they’re also turning both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into eye-puncturing 3D.

3D conversion expenses have lowered in price, now ONLY $5 MILLION, so the films won’t cost more than a small Malibu bungalow to convert. The studios will also absorb an additional $5 million to provide theaters with the awesome glasses that constanstly slip down your face while you’re trying to watch the g.d. movie. Maybe they can throw another $2 mill in there to add some nose pads.

Warners will push the release of Clash of the Titans one week to April 2 in order to fine tune the depth of Liam Neeson’s kracken. (THR)


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