Claire Danes Insists She’s Still ‘Cool’

Monday, April 18 by

Remember when Claire Danes was once a teenage, card-carrying Generation X Official Representative in “My So-Called Life?” Now Danes is playing the parent of a teen in a new movie, and you are old.

Danes stars alongside James Marsden (X-Men) in As Cool As I Am, an indie movie about a girl named Lucy Diamond whose parents married when they were teens and are in their own little world. Man, Lucy must feel neglected, like… a diamond in the rough. Whoa. Names can have significance.

Based on a novel by Peter Fromm, Max Mayer wrote and will direct As Cool As I Am in New Mexico next month. I hope they’re shooting plenty of indoor scenes with working air conditioning. If not, by week two, I bet Mayer will rewrite that abandoned amusement park scene to take place in a chilly, furnished basement. (TheWrap)

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