Any belief system that has Rosie Perez as a deity is no belief system of mine. Perez will join Edie Falco, Oliver Platt, John Turturro, Sharon Stone, Christopher Walken, and (of course) Phylicia Rashad in Gods Behaving Badly, a film that chronicles a Real World-type living situation in which a whole mess on Greek gods live together in a Manhattan brownstone, because that's totally what they would do in real life.

While it's hard to stomach Rosie Perez as Persephone, the casting of Chris Walken as Zeus makes so much sense I can't imagine who else could play the role. Well, maybe Kevin James.

The film is based on the British best-selling book, and the premise seems like a fun one, but the casting is very random, and not in a fun way. Seems like I guess to play some washed-up gods, you get some random working actors, but after Walken, the choices don't seem that fun. Well, just saying "John Turturro as Hades" is pretty fun too, so maybe there's some hope.

Marc Turtletaub will direct the film, which starts shooting later this month.