Christian Bale’s Going Back On NutriSystem

Wednesday, February 9 by

No highfalutin pre-super soldier digital forgery for Christian Bale. He doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to dropping weight for a film. And it looks like he’ll be screaming the pounds away again for his reunion with The Machinist director Brad “No Fatties” Anderson.

In Concrete Island, The Machinist writer Scott Kosar adapts the J.G. Ballard novel about a man who becomes stranded under a highway overpass after a car crash. Forced to live off whatever he can find in his car, Bale will slowly lose his mind as the “island” he’s on reveals its other residents to him. He then decides to forsake his old life and remain there.

Sometimes I find myself dreaming about leaving the confines of the modern world and going to live stranded on a highway island. But I’d miss Chinese food too much. (We Got This Covered via CinemaBlend)

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  1. February 9, 2011 5:24 am

    Charles Bucci

    that’s exactly like a SITCOM idea I had years ago. Every week a new guest star crashes on the island. There is a wacky neighbor that yells from the overpass. And don’t forget the three legged pets and road kill puppets. I think its a perfect venue to get Michael Richards and Dennis Nedry back on tv. Just needs a zanny title.

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