David Fincher is a scarce, previous natural resource. He's one of the few directors that can take non-academic or non-intellectual material and turn it into an art form. Which is why it's always a little disheartening to hear him attached to a project that doesn't just blow me away. So the news that he's circling another Steve Jobs biopic, and is eying Christian Bale as the lead isn't too exciting.

The story of the Apple founder has been told recently in his obituaries, his biography, and that Ashton Kutcher film Jobs. It can be told again, but hopefully later, and by someone else.

Oh, and the film will be written by Aaron Sorkin, which means it won't exactly have a deft hand when it comes the dialogue.

Maybe it's time for Fincher to look at This Is 40, Tyler Durden. I'd watch that.