Paramount thought they could make a Chris Pine-starring Jack Ryan film before Star Trek 2. They thought wrong.

The studio had a plan to reboot Tom Clancy hero Jack Ryan in an origin story film helmed by Jack Bender ("Lost"), with Pine as the lead, a part that's been portrayed by Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin - good company. Rather than adapt one of Clancy's many novels, the studio wants someone to rewrite a spec screenplay that had nothing to do with Jack Ryan. The new plot involves young Jack Ryan escaping a deadly helicopter crash. Sounds helicopter-y, and by working the name "Jack Ryan" in there, serious cashola can be acquired by audiences who hate new things.

Many writers are being interviewed, and many more have already banged the script and were kicked out of script's bed the next morning. Steve Zaillian (Clear and Present Danger) made a deal to do the job last month, but he backed out. Unfortunately for lovers of helicopter destruction cinema, without a solid script, production won't move forward.

So even though Paramount was trying hard to get this project off the ground before Pine starred as Captain Kirk in the next Star Trek, it looks like the Enterprise is traveling a whole lo faster than the Red October, even though J.J. Abrams hasn't officially signed on to direct the sequel yet. Paramount hopes that little detail won't stop them from shooting this Fall and hitting their June 29, 2012 release date.

Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are are working on the Star Trek 2 script. (Deadline)