According to MTV Movies Blog, Star Trek's Chris Pine has spoken with A-Team movie director Joe Carnahan about the possibility of playing "Howling Mad" Murdock.  "Murdock is my man,” said Pine to MTV. 

If it happens, Pine and Carnahan would be reuniting for the first time since Smokin' Aces back in 2006 - Pine's first big role.  He played a Neo Nazi assassin. 

Who would be your Dream A-Team to back up Pine'sMurdock?  Here's who we think could be more than serviceable members of this crack commando unit.  If you have a problem.  If no one else can help and you can find them, maybe you can cast these guys:

Mickey Rourke as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith

We'd like our Hannibal to be a little more scarred than George Peppard's interpretation back in '83, and Rourke could pull of the A-Team's cigar chomping leader while giving the wily, silver-haired fox some added soul.  This is also the only way we'll ever see a Bruce Springsteen-penned A-Team theme.

Paul Rudd as Lt. Frank "Faceman" Templeton

Paul Rudd has the perfect self-aware sense of humor to pull off a modern version of Faceman, originated by Dirk Benedict.  We know that he can do comedy, but if the filmmakers wanted to take a serious tone, Rudd's experience doing Neil Labute on Broadway has given him cred for that, too.  We just recommend not weaing a sandy blond wig for it. 

Terry Crews as Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus

There were rumors that Tyrese Gibson was up for the role of Bad Attitude when John Singleton was the helmer.  But now that Carnahan has taken the reins, we're almost guaranteed to have an actor who lives up to the character's namesake.  Crews is one badass who's been pitying fools in his own work for years, even if he hasn't been calling it out like Mr. T.

Amy Adams as Reporter Amy Amanda Allen

This character only lasted for the first season back in '83, but it makes sense for her to show up in the reboot.  We picked Adams because alliteration is an underestimated literary device, and mostly because she kind of looks like Melinda Culea, who originated the role of Allen in the pilot episode.