Sony has decided that putting Chris Hemsworth in yet another action film is just crazy enough to work again, as they have picked up Shadow Runner, an action thriller. The idea was pitched by Drive scribe Hossein Amini, and although Deadline claims that the plot is being kept under wraps, they offer this intricate description: which an Israeli assassination team targeted a Hamas leader whom the Israelis believe murdered several soldiers and helped stockpile Iranian-made missiles. He was tracked to Dubai, and the Israelis managed to smuggle in an entire 17-person hit team to take him out in the corridor of a five-star hotel. The operatives were captured on a hotel security camera trailing after the victim, reemerging and getting on the elevator after he was killed.

Then Deadline goes on to say that WON'T be the plot of this film, but it will be in a similar vein. Thanks a lot, Deadline. It will probably just be Thor 2: Thorrin' It! (as inspired by the conflict between Hamas and Israel).

(cue Pat Benatar's "Shadows of the Night")