The Twilight formula is Kristen Stewart acting twitchy and weird opposite a guy who looks good shirtless. So it makes sense that for Stewart's latest role, as Snow White in Snow White and the Hunstman, she'll have mighty, muscular Thor' target='_blank'>Thor-2' target='_blank'>Thor to make-out with on screen. Tween girls, start your screeching.

Chris Hemsworth was chosen to play The Huntsman in the 9 bazillionth Snow White movie currently in development. He'll join a cast that includes Stewart and Charlize Theron. In Universal's version of the fairy tale, The Huntsman is sent to kill Snow White by the evil queen (Theron), but ends up protecting her instead. Yeah, no one pushes The Might Thor around, except in all the scenes where Thor gets pushed around. (Deadline)