Chris Columbus To Produce ‘Cyprus House’, ‘Percy Jackson 2′ Still Looms Though…

Thursday, June 2 by

I don’t see why Chris Columbus can’t make “disaster-thriller” a legitimate genre. He’ll give it a go with an adaptation of the novel Cyprus House by Michael Koryta, the story of a WWI vet who faces a hurricane in the wake of premonitions of his companions’ deaths. In case it wasn’t clear, the film is set in 1935. If it was set in the present day, the protagonist would be really, really, really old.

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While the quality of his more recent work hasn’t matched the potential he exhibited with smart family comedies such as Home Alone and Adventures in Babysitting (even his two Harry Potters were considered the runts of the litter), his 1492 production company seems to have been keeping itself quite busy recently with The Help (ugh), and a remake of the creepy Korean film Hello Ghost, which he would also direct. His next trip behind the camera will be the next installment of the ‘Percy Jackson’ saga, and there’s nothing you or me or anyone else can do about it. (Deadline)

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  1. June 2, 2011 12:24 pm


    I LOVED the first Percy Jackson movie. I just hope the kids aren’t all in their 20’s by the time they do the 2nd one.

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