Chris Columbus has discovered he loves Troll Hunter. The Home Alone and Harry Potter director's 1492 Pictures has partnered with CJ Entertainment & Media to purchase the remake rights to the Norwegian film. In current release in the US, the festival favorite follows a group of students working on a documentary about a recent string of bizarre bear murders (I don't know if that means bears were murdered or bears were murdering people. Or other bears for that matter. (Somebody make this film)), who discover something far more terrifying. They then document a man known at the Troll Hunter as hunts the giants throughout the woodside.
"Troll Hunter was a visceral, thrilling cinematic rock and roller coaster ride of a movie.  Visually, there are scenes in this film that American audiences have never seen.  We want to introduce an International audience to this amazing moviegoing experience!" said Chris Columbus.

I think I can speak for the American movie-going public when I say, the movie needs to end with a giant troll swallowing a huge bomb, and then grumbling "Oh, shhh--" mere seconds before exploding. That's why you guys didn't like Cloverfield, right?? (Deadline)