Chinese Businessman To Create Gigantic Orlando/Hollywood Hybrid That Will Undoubtedly Be Tasteful

Monday, September 23 by
People who love to clap will love this news.  

Wang Jianlin, China’s wealthiest man, and guy who must really, really like amusement parks, has put forth an initiative to create a giant entertainment complex in his home country, complete with rides, shows, movie studios, and souvenirs out the ass. It will have a hospital and bars, too. So you can really arrive, then stay there until you die.

Jianlin has shown a predisposition for entertainment after acquiring the AMC theater chain a few years back.

As for the name of this majestic development, it will be the Oriental Movie Metropolis, which I’m sure doesn’t sound quite so lame in its native tongue. It’s projected to cost about $6 billion, and has been announced to open in 2017.

So we can expect it to cost $10 billion and pray to see it in our lifetime.

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