China Found That 2/3 Of Their Shows Were Low-Brow, Cancelled Them All

Wednesday, January 4 by
On an unrelated note, China's flight attendants are among the world's best-trained and deadliest.  

A few months ago, China proclaimed that they were taking steps to remove any shows that were of “low taste” or offered “excessive entertainment” from their government-run TV stations.

They weren’t joking.

It was reported today in Variety that the PRC has reduced primetime TV offerings from 126 programs to a scant 38, citing the aforementioned reasons for giving many shows the hook. Sure, they may be offering their citizens tons of enlightening entertainment, but they’re denying their constituents a look into the lives of child beauty pageants and people who live in or near swamps.

At what price freedom Communism?

This news comes a day after the Chinese President Hu Jintao said that western entertainment was out to attack and divide China.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but I suspect Jintao was watching that crappy Allen Gregory cartoon when he came to that conclusion. That show pisses everyone off.

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