For a bunch of rural Chilean miners, these guys are pretty savvy when it comes to entertainment law. All 33 of the miners that made news in October after being trapped underground for 69 days are close to packaging their story rights for sale to a single firm, says The Hollywood Reporter. You go, Chilean miners!

There's a chance that this had been planned back in their time in the mine (Did one of them intern at CAA or something?), as they have been notoriously tight-lipped about what went down over those 69 days. Well, their secrecy is about to get these guys paid. Though the auction process may take some time, it's probable that whoever ends up with the rights to this compelling story will probably want to turn things around sooner rather than later, as the public's attention span for these sorts of things is akin to a fruit fly.

The plan, as reps for the miners have disclosed, is to get a book deal locked up, with the anticipation that the book will be optioned for a feature film shortly thereafter. So no matter how quickly a studio wants this story, they may be at the back of the line, despite how hot true disaster movies are right now.

The miners have been making public appearances, but have stuck to their vow of silence as to what took place, and none are allowed to pursue any individual deals. Wow. The tactic taken on by these miners, no matter how shrewd, are a powerful showing of solidarity. Stand strong, our Chilean friends. Stand strong.