‘Child’s Play’ Back To Terrify Us As Adults This Time

Friday, March 25 by

Two bickering studios were able to resolve their differences for the greater good of rereleasing the most horrifying element of our childhood into our now-adult lives. Progress on a Child’s Play reboot had been mercifully held up due to a rights dispute between MGM, which launched the original film, and Universal which produced all subsequent installments.

Well, one way or another, MGM walked away with the rights to the remake (link includes an SJ exclusive on the story, as well as an interview with the creator), which is expected to go into production later this year with principals from the original intact. Both the voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif, and the writer of all five Chucky films, Don Mancini, will be in on the next go-round.

According to Mancini, the stated purpose of the next iteration “was to make it scary again.” Well, Don, if that’s all you’re going for, just put a static image of that godforsaken doll on a theater screen while an audience of stoned 25-35 year olds defecate themselves and remember why they had to sleep with a nightlight during the Seoul Olympics. (/Film)

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  1. March 25, 2011 2:42 pm


    at universal horror nights, they sometimes have chuckie doing stand-up. just thought i’d put that out there.

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