A murderer with a creepy mask on is staring at you, while you stare at these pictures from the upcoming Scream 4. Earlier today we brought you the new trailer, now gaze in horror at the new cast, which includes Kristen Bell, Anna Paquin, Alison Brie and good ol' Neve Campbell. Plenty of girl-meat to slice up there.

I'm hoping Kristen Bell gets the axe first. Fact: did you know Kristen Bell is possibly the most annoying actress on the planet? If Ghostface slashed her smug face with a big knife, that'd be worth the $10 right there. Any observations about horror movie cliches would be icing on the leftover-from-the-90s cake.

Here are the scream-worthy stills. Click to embiggen. (Film School Rejects)

"We need our... personal space... thank you."

Two blonde chicks. Home alone. What could possibly go wrong?

"Whoa there," says the mustachioed officer.

Headset guy is too cool for this crew.

I'm betting that by the time she turns around, it won't be too late.