Pixar produces almost all quality stuff, with this summer's Cars 2 as a possible future exception or "futureption." So it's always awesome to see what they're working on, like this newly released image from their upcoming film Brave. Check out the bow-wielding redhead named Merida below, who's destined to be shooting arrows at children from a parade float at Disneyland.

The story takes place in the Scottish highlands, where Merida will discover "the true meaning of courage" by battling beasts. I dunno, if I were her, I would just snipe the beasts from a safe distance and learn the meaning of absolutely nothing. At least I would live another day, which would make a movie about me - snacking on the sofa, blogging for Screen Junkies - way more interesting.

Brave gallops into theaters June 22, 2012. (UGO)