Like many Watchmen fans, I have mixed feelings about its big screen adaptation. I appreciate it for what it is. The attention to aesthetic detail is certainly amazing and the sheer spectacle of it all is on a larger scale than any of its comic book film predecessors. But it just seems to lack the heart and fear that were so present in the book partly because the supporting characters are essentially non-characters. I held out the hope that the Director's Cut would capture more of the magic from the illustrated page. And it looks like I was right!

Here is a deleted scene where the original Nite Owl attempts to fend off paranoid attackers in his home. Things don't pan out very well for the old timer but it is a beautifully put-together scene nonetheless and one that definitely should have been included in the theatrical run.

You can pick up the Director's Cut on DVD and Blu Ray on July 21st. Or you can wait a few months for the 5-disc Ultimate Edition. (via Latino Review)

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