Chase Reunites With Gandolfini In Something That’s Not A Sopranos Movie

Monday, January 24 by

It’s nice to know that there aren’t any hard feelings between James Gandolfini and David Chase despite the fact that Chase assassinated Tony Soprano at the end of The Sopranos. That’s right. Tony Soprano died. Did you think that guy was walking up to say hi?

Anyway, Chase has hired Gandolfini to star in Twylight Zones, a film that will test the actor’s range by forcing him to play an Italian-American father in New Jersey. His character’s son will have an infatuation with rock music that drives Gandolfini cuh-razy. More broadly, the movie will focus on the musical renaissance of the 1960’s, during which The Beatles showed a generation how to wear cardigans and rock side-to-side with giant smiles.

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for Gandolfini, who also has irons in the fire with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, and Cogan’s Trade starring an up-and-comer named Brad Pitt. It’s an A-list year for Mr. Gandolfini. He’s also got a 6-week theatrical run and an HBO movie up next, so if he wasn’t able to pencil you in for dinner plans, it’s cause he really is totally booked up. The guy who played Artie Bucco is available, but you’ll have to pay for his meal. (Deadline)

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  1. January 24, 2011 1:18 pm

    Nicholas Getchell

    Tony didn’t die. Chase came out and said he didn’t.

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