has wrangled Charlize Theron for an unspecified role (though Playlist claims she was in talks for a supporting role), which may or may not be a surprise, depending on how close you consider the defunct Alien prequel to its bastard incarnation known simply as Prometheus. Charlize Theron was reported to have been in talks for the prequel, which, unbeknownst to almost everyone, was actually Prometheus, Ridley Scott's secretive project that amy or may not exist within the Alien universe. Both literally and figuratively.

Theron built a name for herself in the realm of science fiction with the little-ballyhooed Aeon Flux which came out in 2005, though it feels like over a decade ago. She will join the already-announced Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace in the epic sci-fi project that we still know very little about. It in unknown if Theron's participation will render moot the rumors that Angelina Jolie was circling the project, as it's unknown if they were after the same part. Having both in the same film would really put to the test an audiences tolerance for cheekbone definition, so perhaps Jolie's exclusion would serve as a blessing.