He's back, ladies and gentlemen. While it seemed like he was handling the newest incarnation of Two and a Half Men gracefully, we all knew that wouldn't last. In an exclusive interview with some photographer on the street yesterday, Charlie Sheen conveyed that he was "extremely disappointed" with the way that the show was "handling what (he) left behind." Presumably "what he left behind was a trail of vitriol and gibberish, but the important thing is that the show just isn't being respectful of that.

Following the comments to the photographer, Charlie Sheen crossed his arms over his chest, tucked into a blur spin, then flew off the planet.

It's hard to know what Sheen is most critical about without watching the program, which is something that I'm just not going to do. Maybe it was Ashton Kutcher's floppy hair. That sure bugs me a lot, and sometimes I find it disrespectful to my legacy.

This statement is indicative of just another wild 180 that we have grown to love from the crack-smoking, hooker-banging former star of the show. Following the season premiere of Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher in his stead, Sheen claimed that he "loved," the show, but seems to have changed his mind. What changed since the first episode? If you know, please post in the comments, but know that you will be outed as a Two and a Half Men-watcher.