We knew that Charlie Sheen would have some bullshit excuse for his trip to the emergency room yesterday morning. But we didn't know it would be this bullshit.

Sheen was reportedly hospitalized for laughing too hard while watching television. Really? That's what you're gonna give us. I believe the "laughing too hard" part but I don't believe for one second that television was really turned on. I can picture him standing there intently staring at an unplugged flat-screen while porn stars ticklefight in the distance. And then he begins laughing and laughing like he got dosed with Joker Juice.

Jon Cryer recently told Conan about his work experience with Sheen. The actor said, "I'm checking TMZ, as I do every day, to know if I have to go to work and all." That's awesome. Jon Cryer gets snow days when Sheen parties too hard. I'd imagine he calls them "Blow Days." (THR)