This story about Oscar-winning director Charles Ferguson (Inside Job) just got leaked. Not WikiLeaked, regular leaked.

HBO Films has attached Ferguson to direct their Julian Assange movie, currently in development. The documentarian will try his hand at directing a movie with actors, scripts and all that crazy stuff for the first time. There's no writer yet, but the story tells the tale of Assange and his hench-leakers getting ready to post a secret half-hour vide taken inside an Army helicopter onto the interwebs. Hopefully they will not make the classic mistake of putting an awesome soundtrack on the video, and having it pulled by YouTube for copyright violations.

This co-production with the BBC is one of many, many WikiLeaks movies in development by various parties, including Dreamworks and Paul Greengrass. Maybe after he's done with this, Ferguson could also direct one of the many Snow White movies in development too. Leak two birds with one stone. (Deadline)