Channing Tatum To Take It All Off For Soderbergh In ‘Magic Mike’

Friday, April 29 by

Actor/model/stripper Channing Tatum is no stranger to taking it off when it needs to be taken off. He’s taken off shoes, socks, pants, shirts, and any other article of clothing you care to name. I’ve heard rumors that he can even take off his ears and nose, and once, his entire head in order to prove a point. Now, he may have an opportunity to take everything off at the same time (except the head and face), in Steven Soderbegh’s upcoming male stripper movie Magic Mike.

While the Tatumstream media will probably focus on Channing Tatum‘s involvement, I see another angle to this story: I thought Steven Soderbergh was retiring. And yet, Magic Mike is a new project for him. Does this mean we’re going to get to see a bunch more Ocean movies? I hope so! (ShowBlitz)

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