Channing Tatum is steppin' up 2 da 21 Jump Street. The actor is in talks to don Silly Bandz and return to high school to totally narco on the student body with Jonah Hill. Before you groan and throw your body to the supermarket floor in protest and force me to drag you out by your leg, just know that this could be a good thing. There's a lot of ver funny people calling the shots on this film and Tatum sounds like a casting choice that could work. "Clone High" creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who also brought us Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs) are to be rooted behind the director's monitor, Hill scripted, and Emma Stone is rumored to be a part of the project. And everyone likes Emma Stone. She's like sugar to us.

The film itself is said to be a blend of comedy and Bad Boys-style action, based around the concept that these cops look too young to be effective as cops. I'm not saying that Channing Tatum is the perfect choice for this (I'd be more interested in seeing Chris Pine in the role), but we could do a lot worse. How? Zac Efron and Keenan Thompson. So count your blessings and get up off the floor. You're embarrassing me and people are trying to get through with their carriages. (HitFix)