Channing Tatum is going to star in the new movie version of 21 Jump Street, written by and co-starring Jonah Hill. This will be a comedy version of the young cops infiltratin high school, as if the original series could be taken seriously. Tatum promises that the Hill script is crazy.

“I promise you, it will be the most insane ride that you will ever go on,” Tatum said at the press junket for his latest film, The Eagle. “It’s the most ridiculous script I’ve ever read in my entire life.”

Then of course Hill always likes to improvise, so who knows what’ll be in the movie after they’re done. “We’re going to go crazy on this movie and I hope that I can just keep up with the kid,” Tatum said.

Everyone is still gunning for a Johnny Depp cameo, none more so than Tatum himself. Depp has said he’s willing, so it’s only a matter of scheduling him in between Pirates and Tim Burton movies. Tatum knows the scene Depp would appear in.

“If and when it does happen, it’ll be crazy, as true to form and as brilliant as he is. It’ll be true to form to him for sure. We have an idea but it’ll be a surprise, I’ll tell you that.”