VH1 can be so fickle. Sometimes head-butting your wife will get you a VH1 reality show, and sometimes it will cause your show to be taken away.

Apparently, NOW is the time that VH1 is getting all up its own ass with about the behavior of its stars, having cancelled its upcoming Ev and Ocho before it even premiered after the former star receiver got cut from the Miami Dolphins the same day. Ouch.

In case you were wondering what the hubbub was between Johnson and his new bride, it was over a receipt for a box of condoms. And I'm guessing the conversation wasn't "Hey Chad, you should probably keep this receipt for this box of condoms you bought because tax season is coming up and we could write these off."

It was probably, "Hey you such-and-such, my tubes are tied so why the fuck are you buyin.." *HEADBUTT*

It's a shame. I would have watched that.