ABC has ordered a celebrity edition of their show "Wife Swap" and it's going to be great. If you're unfamiliar with the premise, a spouse from one kooky-as-shit family trades places with a spouse from another kooky-as-shit family for one week. Though I was disinterested at first, it is actually a really engrossing and hilarious show. The addition of attention-hungry celebutards only sweetens the schadenfreude.

Casting is currently underway and ABC is keeping quiet about who will join. Though, religious nutball and former "SNL" actress Victoria Jackson has intimated that she has been approached. Place your bets now. Will she be paired with Snoop Dogg or Harry Hamlin? Because you just know that Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna will be all over this like stink on Gary Busey. OH! He should be on this too!! (Deadline)