CBS Films, hungry to snag the next billions-grossing tween franchise, has acquired the rights to Legend, Marie Lu's young adult novel.  Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, who can be blamed credited with unleashing Twilight onto the movie going public, will produce through their Temple Hill banner. The dark, dystopian, young adult tale (which, by the way, is apparently now an entire fiction genre) hasn't even been published yet (it's due out in November on Penguin Group), but a film is on the way. Legend tells the story focuses on a North America at war, and a Robin Hood-esque figure named Day who is being hunted by a teen prodigy named June. Lu, who will executive produce in the scripting stage, said of the characters:
"The character of Day, a roguish teen outlaw on the run, has been in my head sinc high school. One night, I was watching an old time detective movie when the idea of Day vs. the gifted teen June came to me."

Hmm... I wonder if these two crazy kids will ever bone each other as the world is ending around them and Death Cab For Cutie plays on the soundtrack. And the tweens will swoon, and the execs will all buy second yachts! Yay! (Deadline)