When I first heard a movie called Gambit was coming out, my thought was: "oh no, they're not gonna ruin my favorite X-Men character again, are they?" When I found out it was a comedy written by Joel & Ethan Coen, to be distributed by CBS Films, I was relieved. When I thought about an X-Men Gambit movie written by the Coen brothers, I was very intrigued indeed.

Anyway, Gambit stars Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth in a remake of a 1986 British heist film. The film is about the attempted robbery of a rich man's statue by an art curator (Firth) and a "Texas Rodeo Queen" (Diaz). Mike Hoffman (The Last Station) will direct all this glittery, Oscar-winning talent.

CBS Films has been throwing movies out there like energy-charged playing cards. So far, films like Beastly and The Mechanic haven't really been hittin the box office that hard, but Gambit might be the new ace up their sleeve.

FYI, my mutant power is making dorky analogies. (ComingSoon)