Time to test whether or not you're old. If you know Rob Schneider as the guy who says "You can do it!" in Adam Sandler movies, you're not that old. If you know him as the guy who said "the steve-meister, makin' cop-ies," you are slightly older than the last group. If you don't know who Rob Schneider is at all, you are quite possibly old, but also extremely fortunate.

It took Rob Schneider 13 years to recover from "Men Behaving Badly," but Deuce Bigalow is ready to get back into TV. I wonder how he got the confidence, with no one around to tell him that he can do it. Professional Adam Sandler movie cameo man Schneider just got a CBS sitcom pilot greenlit along with fellow SNL alum, writer Lew Morton. Based around Schneider's life, it's about a lonely not-Mexican-American guy who marries into a huge Mexican-American family. Mmm, is that enchiladas I smell... or cultural misunderstandings?

Later in the series, Sandler will take over as the lead character, and Schneider will be reduced to only walking on and saying his new catch phrase: "Ay yi yi, whatta wife!" (Deadline)