The filmmakers behind Rock of Ages have no shame. They've duped poor, defenseless Tom Cruise into appearing (among others), and now they've managed to ensnare Catherine Zeta-Jones in their web. Here's director Adam Shankman on Zeta-Jones, presumably barely able to contain his malicious grin:
"She's the moral majority person, kind of like if Tipper Gore and Anita Bryant had a love child in that era. To have a great actress who won an actress in this genre with 'Chicago' is wonderful."

Unfortunately, it looks like Shankman's reign of scheming will not end with Catherine Zeta-Jones, since he has at least two parts left to cast: Tom Cruise's love interest (who was originally going to be played by Amy Adams but she decided to be Lois Lane instead), and "the mayor." Please, actors and actresses, stay inside your homes for your own safety. (Deadline)