It looks like director Gabriel Muccino (Seven Pounds, Pursuit of Happyness) is branching out with a project that won't make everyone want to cry. It's crazy enough to work.

Despite the unfortunately punny title, Playing the Field has some things going for it, not least of which is the cast, which added the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Judy Greer to existing players Gerard Butler, Dennis Quaid, Jessica Biel, and Uma Thurman. Damn! There's some good-lookin' folk in this soccer dramedy.

The movie centers on Butler, who plays a troubled former soccer player who attempts to redeem himself by coaching his son's soccer team, which seems to be ground zero for hot soccer moms, including Biel, Thurman, and Greer. Needless to say, his dalliances get create some tenions on his path to redemption. Quaid plays another handsome soccer coach, meaning that these kids' games probably turn into hot orgies of the wealthy by halftime.

That said, the script is currently undergoing revisions by Stuart Bloomberg, who has shown a deft hand with Keeping the Faith and The Kids Are All Right. So it might not just be about good-looking older people banging. But if it is, that's okay too. (LA Times)