Catherine Hardwicke, realizing exactly how much pain she has caused for fans of cinema with Twilight and Red Riding Hood, has decided to get back to her gritty forte: telling tales of nihilistic teenagers destroying their lives. Thank God.

Of course, she is committed to knock out one more tween tentpole release (The Maze Runner), but it's on to darker pastures with her announced involvement in The Bitch Posse, an adaptation of a novel of the same name. In a similar vein to her directorial debut, Thirteen, The Bitch Posse focuses on three bad egg teenage girls, bouncing back and forth between their trouble high school days and their equally troubled adult lives.

It's uncertain if this project will get underway before The Maze Runner, which underwent a script revision in January and hasn't made much noise since. While The Bitch Posse certainly sounds like it runs to female sensibilities, it still seems way less feminine than Twilight, so bring on the troubled teenage girls. Of course, that's my answer to everything, so take that with a grain of salt...(Deadline)