James McAvoy is in the wrong place at the wrong time, Robin Williams is gonna bug the hell out of a bunch of A-listers, and Tom Wilkinson will be an over-the-top villain. Let's get going...

James McAvoy is close to teaming up with fellow Brit Danny Boyle for Trance, a heist thriller that would see him playing a character named Simon who is stuck in the middle of a botched bank job. Michael Fassbender was first attached to this project, but apparently he put it aside when he decided to do every other movie in Hollywood. (Variety)

Robin Williams is also circling Gently Down the Stream, a rom-com that would feature Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton as a divorced couple that pretends to be married for the sake of their kids. Robin Williams will play an obnoxious priest, just like he did in License to Wed. Old Robert De Niro never would have put up with Williams' B.S., but times hav echanged. The film will also star Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, Amanda Seyfried, and Katherine "Buzzkill" Heigl. (Showbiz 411)

Finally, Tom Wilkinson will be gracing The Lone Ranger with his presence as a railroad tycoon, which one can safely read as "bad guy. I am now openly rooting for Wilkinson to prevail over both Armie Hamer's Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp's Tonto. I'm tired of seeing Johnny Depp prevail, and Armie Hamer will always be a snooty Winklevoss in my eyes. I hope whatever damsel Wilkinson ties to the train tracks gets run the hell over. (Variety)