Yeeee-haw, ladies and varmints! Grab a-hold of the nearest steer, because it's time for another casting round-up!

Charles Manson, one of the original cowboys, is experiencing an upsurge in popularity recently, perhaps due to the fact that he was a raving paranoiac before Glenn Beck made it cool. He's got at least three movies in development all about him, including The Family and Manson Girls. But the movie we're here to discuss is called Eyes of a Dreamer, which Lindsay Lohan is attached to. Now, shock-rocker/sad little man Marilyn Manson is in talks to play Charles Manson's right-hand man Tex Watson. Gidddiiiyyyyaaaaap, people who want to see "detailed recreations" of the Manson murders!! (CinemaBlend)

OK pardners, you might be a-wonderin' whether Chris Klein is gonna be in that newfangled American Pie sequel, American Reunion. Welp, I'm here to tell you that he is, returnin' to the part he made famous, that of "Oz," the lacrosse player. Lacrosse!? I don't even know what to say about that, so instead I'll tie a sheepshank and be done with it. (MovieWeb)

Josuha Jackson, who probably wouldn't know a diamondback rattler from a stump toad, is set to appear in Lay the Favorite, a movie based on Beth Raymer's memoir. I'd make a joke about how a cowboy would never read a "memoir," but true cowboys don't traffic in class warfare. Yee-haw! (Variety)

Now I can see yer gettin' a littl restless, much as if you had Yankee spiders in yer boots. Don't fret though, this is the last one: Michael Peña has signed on to the Jake Gyllenhaal police thriller End of Watch. Yip! Yip! (Variety)