Last year's Animal Kingdom Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver will be joining Oldboy director Park Chan-wook's Stoker. The story follows an eccentric girl who finds that her shady uncle may be responsible for many of the disappearances of her neighbors. The film will be Park's English-language debut and is based on an original script written by Wentworth Miller (!) under the pen name Ted Foulke. (Deadline)

Alia Shawkat, who will always, always be Maeby Funke for the rest of her career, has signed up for two new projects, both of which will continue her streak of indie films. First is her part in the Jonathan Dayton/Valerie Faris film He Loves Me, opposite Paul Dano. She will be playing a girl named Mabel who carries a flame for Dano's character. Sounds like a whole lotta indie to me! She will also be scoring a role in Raama Mosely's The Brass Teapot, which sounds like a film I would never, ever see in a million years. Fortunately, the premise is more interesting than the title. It's about two friends that find a brass teapot that produces cash every time someone feels pain. I would take that shit to the Sudan and watch the money pile up.

Finally, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln continues to hire most every actor with a SAG card, today picking up Lee Pace, who you might know from Twilight, or possibly not at all. He will play opportunistic New York mayor Fernando Wood. Because it's totally believable that someone that was in Twilight could run a city.