Judd Apatow has found his Lady Blart. Bridesmaids breakout star Melissa McCarthy already has a project in the pipeline with the director/producer but can also add the Knocked Up spin-off This Is Forty to her to-do list Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann will reprise their roles as the arguing couple and will be joined by Megan Fox, Albert Brooks, Lena Dunham, Charlene Yi, Chris O'Dowd, Wyatt Russell. McCarthy will play the mother of Super 8's resident zombie Ryan Lee who is classmates with Rudd and Mann's curly-haired daughters. (THR)

Giovanni Ribisi has landed a co-starring role in Ruben Fleischer's The Gangster Squad. He'll play a wire-tapping expert who's demoted after his loose cannon wire-tapping practices land him in hot water. Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin then decide he's perfect for their ragtag group of misfit cops. (Deadline)

[post-album postid="29326" item="1"]Red State's Nicholas Braun has joined Gay Dude, high school comedy about a teen who makes a pact with his best friend to lose their virginity before graduation. Then his friend comes out of the closet. Probably because it's much easier to get laid that way. Cheater. (Variety)

Alexandra Daddario is going to have a terrible time in Texas. She's joined The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D as a girl named Heather who travels to Texas with her friends to collect an inheritance. "The spin? What would you do if you found out your cousin was Leatherface, and he was now YOURS?" Well, for starters, I'd take away his fucking chainsaw. (Variety and Bloody Disgusting)