What do all of the above have in common? Absolutely nothing. That's why it's a round-up and not a single story. Here we go...

J. Lo has signed on to a film that will make The Wedding Planner look like Fight Club. She will be appearing in the film adaptation of What to Expect When You're Expecting, playing "a woman who adopts a baby from abroad with her husband after difficulty conceiving." She will join Cameron Diaz in this project which will likely serve as the death rattle of their being viewed as sex objects.

Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn, ignoring suggestions and demands to "get a room already," will instead be working on their fourth film together. (The others were Drive, an untitled upcoming rom-com, and Logan's Run.) Gosling will be stepping into the lead role previously occupied by Luke Evans in Only God Forgives, an Asian crime drama. (Variety)

Snow White and the Huntsman keeps its casting machine going by picking up both Lily Cole and Sam Spruell. Cole will play a character only identified as "Greta," while Spruell will play a henchman sent to dispatch both Snow White and her huntsman friend. (Variety)

Ben Barnes, previously best-known as Prince Caspian in the Narnia films, will be again diving into the world of the fantastic in The Seventh Son. Barnes will star as Tom, after talks with Sam Clafin fell apart. (Variety)