[post-album postid="17585" item="4"]What To Expect When You're Expecting can expect to rent comfortable motorhomes for Isla Fisher and Ed Helms. The pair are replacing Kristen Wiig and Matthew Morrison in the J.Lo/Cameron Diaz pregnancy comedy. It's expected that Fisher and Helms will be responsible for making sure this movie is a comedy. (NY Mag)

Untitled Sylvester Stallone/Walter Hill Action Film doesn't have a title yet but it does have Jason Momoa. Hollywood's go-to barbarian will go toe-to-toe with the 65-year old action star and likely die a horrific death. Sounds believable! (Latino Review)

Pacific Rim has found its lead. Idris Elba will take the role of Sensi, a part originally tailored for Tom Cruise. Somebody had better call that tailor back in. (Deadline)